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I have a new blog destination! I’ll be updating posts & all sorts of things on my website.

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I’m Recording Again!

Hey yo,

I was gonna say hey “y’all” but I’m not southern and wanted to keep it New York style so…

Anyway, I’m recording my next record this fall and super excited! I have about a million and a half songs I’ve written since my last album and I know it is definitely time for the next one. A lot of the songs I’ve gotten questions about where to find or buy online, will now have a home on this cd 🙂

I started this online campaign to raise some support because let’s be honest, I’m a fresh college grad pursuing music as an indie artist… But it’s totally worth it and I love doing it. The campaign is actually pretty cool in my opinion. You can help me raise $$ by pledging as little as $1 and as much as your heart desires. AND, when you pledge, you get something back. Some of the incentives are kinda fun, so make sure you check them out!  Check it all out HERE

I’ll be sure to keep you guys posted on the process. Thanks!

Let Me Be Honest

I’m sure you’ve noticed…a lot of people have a bad taste in their mouth about Church. Capital c.

Some say they’ve been hurt by the church, some don’t like the rules, or the music, or the pastor, I think most don’t like the people, which I get. But I don’t know, you always hear conversations about church. I’ve had my questions too and miles of tangled up thoughts. I know this though… Jesus came to earth and while he was here, he founded the church. He believed it to be something of paramount importance and so if he think that, I think I ought to as well if I claim to follow him. I’m not a church basher. I think the church is God’s woman and we need to be careful how we talk about his woman.

I had this thought today…feel free to add on.

If we believe in a message and in a God that is counter-cultural, why do we put so much energy into making everything culturally relevant, popularized, and palatable? It is the Spirit of God that draws a person to himself, that prepares a heart for his keeping. We can’t woo people into salvation. We can connect them to God, but we can’t manipulate them into heaven no matter how awesome our  music and stage lights are. Who cares if we have a rock star preacher, a hip coffee shop, a killer worship album, or if we think its okay drink beer. Our becoming more assimilated to the unchurched world won’t make them think we’re any cooler. The heart of it hasn’t changed. It’s still about Jesus. It’s still about laying down your life as a sacrifice. It’s still about the very things that are oxymorons compared to the world’s standards.  I’m afraid we’re trying to morph our churches into christian country clubs, marketing ours as if it is better than the church down the street. I’m afraid we’re missing it for the sake of being cool and culturally acceptable.

Don’t you think we’ve made it too complex? We’ve made it too fancy and entertaining. God isn’t entertaining, He isn’t some program we buy into. He’s all powerful and great and we’ll never fully understand Him. I feel we’ve tried squeezing him into our 15 minute worship slots and 30 minute comedy preaching, and sometimes, we don’t even acknowledge or touch Him. Is all the elaborate programming worth a hit-or-miss encounter with Jesus?

I just want to get back to the basics. I want to just meet with Jesus. I want to just be.


American Dreamer

So there’s this thing called the “American Dream…” I think it looks something like this..?

Once you bought the fancy car, bought the big house, found the sexy spouse, had the perfect angelic children, landed the successful job, then you’ll be happy. Left and right, people give their convincing speeches that this is the goal of life, this is when you know you’ve truly made something of yourself. It’s an age-old tale but still so easily entrapping.

Me? I realized I don’t want the American dream. I’m sick of people asking when I’ll get married or get a real job. I’m doing what makes me, as an individual, happy. Not what’s expected of me. I want to love how I live and not be tied down by a society’s expectation.

Don’t be a victim of the pressure. Live out your dreams and love life. Too many people are stressed out, stuck in loveless relationships, and bored with life. Living is a gift, not a dread. If you’re dreading life maybe it’s time for a change. Forge your own path and be yourself 🙂

I close my eyes and imagine a world…

Nicole Serrano Music Dot Com

It is finished… Check out the new official site!

Summer Adventures


This past Saturday I got a chance to play at KTIS’ Joyful Noise Festival [in Blaine, MN]. It was a lot of fun; I met a lot of new people who nearly sold me out of my cds and Kimwanga bracelets! I was fine with that, though.

Also…got a website! I’m SO excited to show it off to you guys. But it’s under some major construction, so once it’s done  i’ll let you know the site so you can check it out!

I’m really looking forward to traveling this summer. Next week I fly out for a mini east coast tour. Returning to the homeland! You know, the music part is going to be awesome and everything, but to be perfectly honest I just want me that beeeeach.

Hope you guys are having a good start to your summer. Minnesota’s been messing me up. Last week, we had a legit heatwave, hitting the 100’s and now we’re back down to the 60’s. But hey, at least it’s not snowing.


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